Highly Experienced Staff

Every project staff who is involved in building your home or business property has a minimum of 15 years of experience in the construction industry. At Authentic Builder, each staff brings along a rich wealth of knowledge to ensure that your dream home or business will be completed in the way you wanted it and within the time that you have specified.

Quality Results

While every builder goes through the same development process, not everyone delivers the same results. Authentic Builder prides itself as a company that delivers consistent quality workmanship and finishes. By having a complete team that can handle most construction works, we also have better control over quality than companies that outsource most of their jobs.

Professional Practices

Construction works can be disruptive, messy and potentially dangerous for all involved. As such, our staff are trained to adhere to safety rules to maintain a safe environment for themselves as well as for the occupants. Workers are also trained to conduct themselves appropriately and to keep each site organised to minimise disturbances to our clients.

High Referral Rate

Some 90% of our clients are repeat customers or referred by other clients. Our insistence on quality and our professional practices have earned us good names among our clients. Many of our new customers are actually neighbours of our

Always in Touch

In every project, we are always in close contact with our clients. Meetings are typically held once every 2 weeks to ensure that works are going in the direction you have anticipated. Even after your project has completed, you can still count on us should you need any support or additional refinements.

Timely Delivery

Our clients trust us not just for our ability to produce quality works, but also our ability to deliver them on time. We work closely with our clients to reduce possible causes of delay as much as we can. If delay is inevitable, our first priority will be to inform the clients and reduce the impact as low as possible.